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    Committee Support

    • Legislative requirements

    • Guidance on the process of choosing a committee

    • Advice on the committee structure

    • Expenditure limit guidance

    • Code of conduct for Committees and its members


    Committee Meeting Support

    • Convene and attend committee meetings

    • Record and distribute minutes of meetings to the committee

    • Committee Meeting administrative and procedural requirements

    • Committee Meeting conduct and procedure

    • Record keeping

    • Answer all communications and correspondence on behalf of the strata committee

    • Attend to matters concerning amendments to by-laws, including correspondence

    • Liaise with committee members, estate managers, consultants, etc


    General Meeting Support

    • Convene and attend the AGM

    • Prepare and distribute AGM notices and committee notices

    • Call nominations for the positions of executive and ordinary members for the AGM


    Owners Support

    • lot improvement

    • pet approvals

    • by-law compliance

    • maintenance

    • insurance claims

    • Ensure adequate insurances for the community